Maryvale Muse

Je Suis #Black Lives Matter

Sydney Logan '17

A chant rings out, one that has been heard
So many times, too many times.
T-shirts with his face adorn the mothers
And the sisters
And the aunts
And the friends.
Signs are held, calling for answers,
Calling for justice.

We are told there was nothing to be done,
That nature had simply run its course.
But there is nothing natural about having one’s blood
On your hands.

The scene has been seen in so many places.
In Baltimore,
In Ferguson,
West Coast, East coast,
And everything in between:
A man’s life was ended by those
Who were supposed to protect it.

But this is not Baltimore,
This is not Ferguson.
The man is not Freddie Gray,
Or Eric Garner,
Or Michael Brown.

This is the city of love,
That masks its ugliness with ignorance
Labelled as equality.
He was Adama Traoré,
And he never came home that day.

Instead his name is added on top of Freddie’s
And Eric’s
And Michael’s.
And his family’s cries of anguish and calls for answers
Join the one’s already shouting a whole ocean away.

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The Literary Magazine of Maryvale Preparatory School
Je Suis #Black Lives Matter