Maryvale Muse


Being carried by the everlasting breath of the sea;
A wave of wonder washes over me, engulfing all of my senses.
I know that I have never experienced this feeling before.
Consuming every thought and influencing every action.
Like a spark that catches on sun-baked driftwood, this desire flares up inside of me.

It’s the sense of peace experienced when
you are the lone soul standing in an ocean of wildflowers.
Or the feeling of freedom when
your body is being supported by the salty caress of the sea.
Falling deeper into a dream that you will never have to wake up from.

Wandering does not mean that one is lost.
It is a way to search and seek out; to find oneself.
Wander like no other.
Keep exploring.
Never stop.

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The Literary Magazine of Maryvale Preparatory School