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My Invisible City: The City of Yezaki

When a man spends weeks traveling the same road, small details start to blend together. He no longer hears the sound his leather-soled shoes make as they scrape against the weathered stones, or feels his sack weighing on his shoulder. He no longer sees the individual pieces that make up the cobble stone path, but a long grey strip of road that seems to lead nowhere. When it seems to the traveler that he is no longer traveling, only walking in place, he sees the city of Yezaki in the distance. As he approaches the short wall surrounding the city, its colors begin to dance around each other in spirals and patterns. This will delight the traveler for he has seen only grey and brown for weeks. Past the wall, there are numerous buildings, none of them the same. They all vary in color, shape, and size yet they seem almost uniform. There are no guards at the gate of the city, for no one ever truly leaves.

When the traveler crosses the threshold of Yezaki, the streets are as colorful and vibrant as the buildings and the wall surrounding them. Yet, he sees no people. He walks aimlessly through the patterned streets where vendors and artist’s stands are strategically placed but no one mans them. Suddenly, there is a sound of bells as the clock in the city center strikes noon. The doors of the buildings are opened in a synchronized way and people file out. The people are clothed in the same vibrant colors that decorate the rest of the city, yet they seem sad. No one makes a noise as they all tend to their stands. The traveler approaches an artist who has just taken out a blank canvas. The artist paints beautifully, creating designs and patterns in incredible colors. Yet when the traveler looks to the face of the artist, he is surprised to see the artist’s melancholy expression. It is then that the traveler will realize that to the people of the city, the bright colors and magnificent patterns have become dulled. The people of Yezaki no longer see the beauty and grace of their city, just as he had not seen the small details on his journey.

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My Invisible City: The City of Yezaki