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i know (January 2017 Contest, Third Place Winner)

If you’re in a dark place right now, don’t worry. I know that sounds stupid and you think I don’t know you or anything but, trust me, I do. I know what you’re going through and I’ve felt it all before. It sucks. I know. I know how it is when you’re in a crowded room or when you’re completely alone. I know how you feel at 2:48 in the morning when you wake up from another dream and then lay awake until your alarm clock goes off. I know the feeling of disappointment when something goes wrong and way you always stare off into the distance like your examining a beautiful work of art but you’re really just thinking too much and aren’t really looking at all. I know the way your eyes burn after a really long, hard cry and how your eyes look in the mirror; with the pupils dilated, the color of your eyes really popping against the white rimmed with red. I get it, okay? You feel godawful and think your life is too but believe me when I say, it gets better. You won’t want to listen to sad songs on repeat or push people away anymore. It’ll all be okay. I promise. You won’t feel so alone all the time anymore and you’ll find out who your true friends are and you’ll thank God every day that you have them and your own life. You’re going to regret all the words and actions or said and did over the years because you’ll realize that it was never worth it in the slightest. You’ll feel new and refreshed, like when you come up from underwater. You go from a world of darkness and the feeling of your lungs being crushed by the lack of oxygen to a world full of light and the feeling of relief from your lungs filling with fresh, new air. You will be okay. You’re going to put yourself out there more and experience new things and you’ll feel great. You’re going to feel happiness again and I know that word peaks your interest since you haven’t felt it in so long. It’ll all work out but you have to promise me that you’ll try. You have to try to feel this happiness and relief. It will all be worth it.

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i know (January 2017 Contest, Third Place Winner)